4 Things That Are Keeping Your House From Selling in Metro Detroit

Ever tried selling your house in Metro Detroit without any luck? You’re not alone. Not every property is cut out for a traditional MLS listing. Not everyone wants to deal with the hassles of listing a property that way either. If you’ve had your property listed in the past, and are finally ready to sell once and for all, this post (1) takes a look at some of the most important things that just might be keeping your house from selling, and (2) highlights a few things that you can do about it.

The House Needs Work

Lots of people love a good DIY project, right? Others absolutely love cleaning their homes. But for most buyers, extras like that usually aren’t on the wish-list. Most people just want a place to live that doesn’t require hours of work before they can move in. Let’s face it: buyers don’t want to spend a bunch of money, only to be stuck with a bunch of work just to make the house livable! Plus, when it comes to marketing the home, houses that need work don’t always look great when viewed in online pictures by potential buyers. Online listings – either through an agent or for sale by owner – are truly beauty pageants, and as they say… a picture is worth a thousand words. The result: ads with unappealing pictures are often scrolled over. For you to sell your house in the traditional way, time and money are absolutely required to so your house can compete with all the other listings on the public MLS.

You Are Not Pricing the Property Correctly

Nothing turns people away faster than a house that is overpriced. Over the past few months, many sellers have tried to cash in on higher prices (“Show me the money!”); however, just because a property is listed for a certain price, doesn’t mean it will sell for that price. It’s important to know what similar properties are actually selling for… not what they are listed for. When you price your property, make to base your price on recent sales, not an online estimate. Caution: Pricing too low in an effort to create a bidding war may have unintended consequence. In some instances of pricing the house too low, buyers sometimes believe that there is something wrong with the property. In the end, pricing a house should feel a bit like “Goldilocks”, where you try not to price it too high… you try not to price it too low… you try to price it just right!

There Is No Demand for Houses Like Yours

What if your house is unique in some way? Instead of getting praised for standing out from the crowd, the opposite often happens, leading to selling challenges. Maybe your house is in an odd location, has odd features, or isn’t appealing to your average buyer. Buyers like when they can feel confident in the future value of their home when it’s their turn to sell, without risk of something “unique” causing potential buyers to walk away. At 3D Property Solutions, we can make you an offer for your property no matter what it looks like or where it’s located. You won’t have to feel stuck with your old, rundown home simply because you haven’t been able to find a buyer in the traditional way. Our offer process is fair and personal – you won’t receive a blanket offer, or a low-ball offer when working with our team.

Your House is Cluttered and Full of Stuff

This is an all-to-common occurrence for homeowners who have lived in their home for any length of time. Photos with a lot of clutter will not attract buyers. They may not be able to envision themselves living in the house. And if you try to show your house with lots of stuff everywhere, potential buyers may feel as if they are intruding, making them want to leave as quickly as possible. This isn’t the impression that you want to make during a property showing! If you want to sell your house the traditional way, take some time to clean up, pack up, and put all of your personal items away! It might feel empty, stark, or un-inviting to someone who has lived there for years, but for a potential buyer, seeing a clean slate allows them to visualize themselves filling the space with their possessions!

Problem Solved!

There are many things that may be keeping your house from selling in Metro Detroit. If you are interested in a fair, straightforward, and honest offer for your property as-is, 3D Property Solutions would love to talk to you! Our team will pay you a great price for your unwanted home no matter the condition or situation. Plus, you won’t need to spend any time or money cleaning up. We don’t care if the house is messy or if it needs work, we simply want to help distressed homeowners with a fair solution for their unwanted property.

To learn more and to get your Metro Detroit house sold once and for all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. There is never any cost, hassle, or obligation. Call today! (248) 949-1224

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