Make sure you do these things before selling your house in Metro Detroit MI

Make sure you do these things before selling your house in [market _city]
Selling Your Metro Detroit House? Read this post to help you sell it faster today!
It is no secret that selling a house in Metro Detroit can be one of the biggest transactions to a number of homeowners.

However, before you start marketing your house and bringing potential buyers into it… there are a few things you should do, that we’ve learned over the years here at 3D Property Solutions, to help increase your chances of selling your house faster and for a better price.

Sell Your Metro Detroit House Faster By Doing These FIRST

De-Clutter and Take Down Some Of Your Family Memorabilia

You might want to take your time and make the whole place less personal by removing family photos and other memorabilia if you have a bunch of it up.  Get rid of that shrine of little Johnny’s sports metals and the fridge full of kids drawings. At first, this may feel very weird to you, but to a potential buyer… they need to be able to picture themselves in that house. But if you fill the fridge with pictures and momentos of your family… it makes it harder for the buyer to see the fridge and picture their own things on it.

The following are other things that will play out before you sell your home.

Price it Right

While it might be tempting to set a high asking price for your home based on your personal expectations or the amount you’d like to achieve, it’s crucial to align your pricing strategy with industry standards and the current market conditions. Understanding the difference between what you want for your house and what buyers in today’s market are willing to pay is key to a successful sale.

Many prospective buyers are now savvier than ever, often starting their search online where they can access a wealth of information. Platforms like Zillow and Redfin provide estimated values for homes, and while these estimates often trend lower than what buyers might actually be willing to pay, they set a baseline that buyers use to gauge market prices. Therefore, pricing your home significantly above these estimates without a compelling justification can deter potential buyers right from the start.

Research indicates that over 90% of home buyers begin their search on the internet. This means that online perceptions can greatly influence a buyer’s interest in your property. When setting your asking price, consider the following:

  1. Comparable Sales (Comps): Look at recent sales of similar homes in your area to get a realistic idea of what buyers are currently paying. This data will give you a clearer picture of the market value.
  2. Current Market Trends: Be aware of the local real estate trends. Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? This can affect how aggressively you can price your home.
  3. Condition and Upgrades: If your home has unique features, recent renovations, or is in exceptionally good condition, make sure these aspects are highlighted in your listing and can justify a higher price.
  4. Professional Appraisal: Consider getting a professional appraisal before setting your price. An appraisal provides an unbiased opinion of your home’s value based on a thorough evaluation of various factors.
  5. Online Perception: Ensure that your home is competitively priced with respect to online listings. If your price is higher than what websites like Zillow suggest, be prepared to explain why. Provide evidence of your home’s value through detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and information about upgrades or unique features.

By carefully considering these factors and setting a realistic price, you can attract more potential buyers and increase your chances of a successful sale. Remember, an appropriately priced home not only generates more interest but can also lead to quicker offers and a smoother transaction process.

NOTE: If you’re looking for an accurate value to your Metro Detroit MI, we can actually help you with that. We buy houses in Metro Detroit and know the market very well and would love to give you a no obligation offer on your house and a very accurate Valuation so you know what other buyers in the market may pay on the open market. Just call us, 3D Property Solutions, at (248) 949-1224 or submit your property information to us through the form through this link here >>. 

Make the Property More Enticing

Technically, once you have the house marketed, in many cases, it can attract attention right away. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that over 70 percent of the potentials buyers will see the home within 3 to 6 months after its listing. However, if you’re not getting the attention you want for your house… there are some things you can do to make your house look better to potential buyers.

Things like… 

  • Do the small things in your yard… ideally you can ensure the shrubs and the yard are neatly done and trimmed. You can even go extra mile and you replace the existing flowers with new and fresh ones.
  • Do repairs or repaint your house if it’s looking battered and bruised. It’s is more important than you may think.
  • If you have great furniture… think about including some of the furniture in the sale if the buyer wants it.

The thing about most “retail” buyers out there… is the majority of them have a hard time looking past the ugly parts of a house. Yes, they can repaint it after they buy… or they can re-do the yard… but a first impression is a lasting impression… and some buyers just can’t get past that initial ugly visual.

Don’t have the money or time to do the repairs or upgrades yourself?  It may take a while to sell a house that has been neglected over the years. But, local Metro Detroit MI home buyers like 3D Property Solutions, we can buy your house fast, for cash, and you won’t have to do any repairs yourself. We’ll take care of it all, on our dime.

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Have an Inspection Carried Out

To avoid being caught off guard by property issues that need to be resolved before closing a deal, it’s essential to conduct a thorough inspection and prepare key reports well in advance, long before potential buyers start to show interest. Addressing every single issue beforehand ensures that your home is in the best possible condition, which not only attracts buyers but can also expedite the selling process.

Here’s why a pre-inspection is crucial and how it benefits you:

  1. Identify Issues Early: A home inspection will uncover any hidden problems that might not be immediately apparent. By identifying these issues early, you have the opportunity to address them on your terms rather than scrambling to make repairs at the last minute or during negotiations.
  2. Increase Buyer Confidence: A problem-free home instills confidence in buyers. Knowing that the property has been thoroughly inspected and repaired reassures them that they are making a sound investment. This confidence can translate into quicker offers and smoother negotiations.
  3. Justify Your Asking Price: When your home is free of significant issues, you have a stronger position to justify your asking price. Buyers are more likely to meet your price if they know they won’t have to invest in major repairs shortly after purchasing.
  4. Speed Up the Selling Process: A home that is ready to move into with no pending issues is more attractive to buyers looking for a quick and hassle-free transaction. This can significantly reduce the time your property spends on the market.
  5. Avoid Deal Breakers: Unresolved problems discovered during a buyer’s inspection can be deal breakers or lead to last-minute negotiations, potentially lowering your sale price. By addressing these issues in advance, you prevent surprises that could derail the sale.

If you need a referral to a reputable local home inspection service in Metro Detroit, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call at (248) 949-1224. We would be happy to provide you with the names of trusted inspectors who can help ensure your home is in top condition and ready for a swift sale. By taking these proactive steps, you can make the selling process smoother and more efficient, ultimately achieving a successful and satisfying transaction.

Get All the Paperwork

Although, this step is often ignored, it is surprisingly important. After all, every buyer will actually want to know everything about the house before he or she takes the rein. Who normally does the maintenance and after how long, when were the important systems like the HVAC last maintained, etc. are some of things that the buyer will want to see.

Selling A House In The Local Metro Detroit Real Estate Market Can Be…

… challenging if you don’t have your ducks in a row.

If you’re having a hard time selling your house as quickly as you want… consider doing some of the things I lay out in this article to make your house more attractive to potential buyers.

Also, if you need to sell your Metro Detroit house fast and are having a tough time doing so… connect with us.

We buy local houses.  We can pay cash for your house, pay you a fair price we both agree on, and get you out of your current house in as little as 7 days rather than having to wait months and months to sell your house the traditional way.

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